Hi, my name is Julien, you can also just call me Juju.

I was born in France sometime in August 1992 and lived there until I got an opportunity to work as an engineer in Japan, after graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.

Like a lot of people, my interest in Japan came first from anime, but since then you can add music (VKei/J-Rock), food (sushi, gyoza, soba, takoyaki, ok I will stop here), and the Japanese language.

I first worked as a UX researcher for a big Japanese company for 3 years, then decided to experience the startup world to learn more about entrepreneurship and just so I can feel more impactful. Now I am working in a fin-tech company based in Tokyo, as an Android Developer.

I love making apps, not only to satisfy my inner self about my skills as a coder but also because I have that dream about making something people can enjoy and feel empowered and happy just by using it.

Speaking about hobbies, if I’m not trying to make prototypes for random ideas, I am mainly playing guitar, games, or drinking with my favorite people.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you want to grab a drink. 🍺 (Tapioca is fine also)